Synology NAS Off Site Backup

It disturbed me for quite a while that I did not have an off site backup of my Synology NAS 415+ which keeps all my backups and important data. After researching available options every few month, I finally found a solution which met all my requirements. Current status of this […]

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

Apple Watch Information Icon

Apple Watch did not connect to my WiFi

Since I got it on April 24th, my Apple Watch did not connect to my WiFi network at home. Apple claims that the watch works without Bluetooth connection to the iPhone as long as they are on the same WiFi network.

Changing Users for SMB Mounts

Windows can not use SMB mounts using different credentials. This makes changing users for SMB mounts necessary so you get at least one user at a time. I run into the problem recently, when I wanted to mount different network shares from my NAS box on my Windows 7 machine. […]

Windows Network Drive

When the VPN is enabled by flipping the switch, the tag VPN shows up in the iPads status line.

Cloak VPN App for iOS Review

The Cloak VPN App for iOS is my favorite VPN client on iOS. The pricing is ok, it’s very easy to setup, it just works and it’s available for Mac OS X and iOS (iPhone and iPad) all at once.

RouterOS Traffic Shaping for the Guest Network 2

This post is about RouterOS traffic shaping of my guest network. This WiFi network has a simple password (at least one I can remember) and is used for guests who come to visit me at home. Usually guests join this network with mobile devices.

RouterOS Traffic Shaping

Wireless Registration

RouterOS WDS Repeater Configuration Guide 4

This posting is about RouterOS WDS repeater setup and all the glitches you might stumble into on the way to get it working. It all started with my WiFi not reaching my whole apartment with a good enough quality. I started to look for some kind of repeater for my […]