Caffeine App Review

Caffeine Logo
Caffeine – currently at version 1.1.1 – is one of the useful helpers on my Mac’s menu bar. When I don’t want my Mac to dim the screen and later on start the screen saver, one click on the icon fills the little cup with coffee and the Mac stays awake. Another click on the icon brings it back to normal behaviour.

The single click on the caffeine icon saves the hassle to go to system preferences, modify all the energy saving attributes and set them back when you are done.

Situations where I use this little helper are presentations, watching online videos, reading complex texts or spreadsheets or long running jobs where I want to check the status frequently.

The preferences window of Caffeine.

Caffeine Preferences

The preferences are clear and easy to understand. In the preferences setting you can specify how long your Mac should stay awake by default – which usually is “indefinitely”. That’s the duration used, when you left click on the icon.

When you right click on the icon in the menu bar, you can manually choose the time for how long your Mac should stay awake.

Caffeine Activate Menu

The “Activate for” menu allows you to specify for how long your Mac should stay awake.

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