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Since I started blogging a few weeks ago, I had to find a blog hoster, which would fulfill my requirements. Since I am technically quite skilled and usually understand what can be done and how (sorry for bragging), I wanted a blog platform where I could influence available WordPress plugins and how things work.

I started to look at,, and a few others but either they were quite expensive for a hobby blog or they didn’t offer the stuff I think is mandatory.

The things I wanted for my blog are

  • A managed WordPress instance where I don’t have to worry about regular updates or security patches.
  • Useful themes should be available; it’s not necessary to have tons of them available though.
  • Some plugins are necessary as well, specifically for SEO and tracking.
  • In case the site runs well (not just mine but all of them on “my” server), caching should be used to avoid slow page loading.

I got back to my colleague, bitmuncher, who got me blogging in the first place and asked him about where I should host my blog. He told me about his own private project at and that’s where I set up this blog. Blog Hosting Blog Hosting Blog Hosting[/caption] bitmuncher’s project was still in it’s beginning and I was one of the first users. A few days after I started, he installed sitemap and facebook open graph plugins and I tried to use them to get my site validated in every SEO tool I could come up with. This went on for a few days before I started to check out some other WordPress plugins. I suggested some plugins to bitmuncher and shortly after I could test them on my blog.

The now available plugins are:

After adding and replacing some of the plugins we had to get some problems fixed as well, like Broken WordPress Sitemaps and so on.

Afer these initial struggles, I was able to add tracking widgets e.g. for Google Webmaster Tools or Clicky and could rewrite my posts using SEO advices.

To make things short, I am very happy with my blog host at the moment. Bitmuncher is a skilled adminstrator, who keeps the platform up to date, even thinks about caching and all the stuff which usually is “invisible” to regular users and his support – as long as his spare time allows it – is very fast and competent.

If I got you interested, feel free to try for your blog!

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