Feedbin Review

When Google announced the shutdown of Google Reader I started to look for a new home of my more than 100 RSS feeds which I regularly read.


User-Manager Setup For Static DHCP.

User-Manager Setup For Static DHCP 1

This is the user-manager setup for static DHCP addresses, which will use the automatically created configuration. I want static IP addresses in my home network so I know which device is where and why. This could be easily done with configuring each device manually and assign the address, DNS and […]

The preferences window of Caffeine.

Caffeine App Review

Caffeine – currently at version 1.1.1 – is one of the useful helpers on my Mac’s menu bar. When I don’t want my Mac to dim the screen and later on start the screen saver, one click on the icon fills the little cup with coffee and the Mac stays […]

Replace MAC Addresses With Labels Using Syslog-NG

I send the logs of my RouterOS devices to a syslog-ng server located on my NAS box. Those logs usually contain MAC addresses which are not easy to connect to a specific device for humans and that’s where the logging server comes in handy.


Broken WordPress Sitemaps

After adding the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin to my blog I noticed that neither the new nor old sitemap contained correct information so I ended up with broken WordPress sitemaps. The involved plugins in this case were WordPress SEO by Yoast XML Sitemaps Contact Form 7 WordPress Theme Customizr […]